We cordially invite you to participate in the 62nd St. Barbara’s day conference of AGH University of Science and Technology Students, which will be held on December 9, 2021.

 We cordially invite you to participate in the conference.  Let us remember that this is THE largest scientific event in our area, THE oldest functioning student scientific conference at AGH and THE BEST chance for students to present the results of their scientific work, rector’s grants, research trips, etc.

We invite students and research clubs belonging to the Green Division, as well as all others related to AGH to participate!  It is also possible to participate in the event of students from outside our Alma Mater, so we encourage you to invite your friends and students!


We invite you to participate in the conference as an audience. This year the sessions will be held in 18 thematic sections. A detailed schedule is available below.

8.30 Opening Ceremony of the Conference Aula AGH/A0

9.15 Obrady w sekcjach tematycznych

IMining 15/A4
IIGeology and Geophysics213/A0
IIIGeotourism 225/A0
IVGeodesy, Cartography and Geoinformation301/C4on-line
VCivil Engineeringon-line
VIChemistry and materials engineering3.21/B8on-line
VIIEnvironmental engineering and protectionon-line
VIIIVentilation, air-conditioning and heating on-line
IXMechanical engineering and robotics110/B2on-line
XIIaComputer science – section Aon-line
XIIbComputer science – section Bon-line
XIIIProduction and quality engineering107/D14
XVSustainable development317/A1

17.00 Closing Ceremony Aula AGH/A0

Important dates:

15/11/2021 – date of starting the submission of conference papers

 27/11/2021 – deadline for submitting conference papers

 06/12/2021 – information on the final allocation of the thematic section

 09/12/2021 – conference date.

Information about the awards

invitation for students from outside the green area, students from other domestic and foreign universities.  We cordially invite you to participate :-).  AGH UST is open to everyone.  The only limitation will be the inability to participate in the competition evaluation (except for AGH UST students, each of whom can take part in the competition) awarding winners: apart from the unquestionable splendor and the laureate’s diploma:

  • 1st place winners will be read and appreciated at the AGH UST Senate and will be able to publish their articles in a special AGH UST Scientific Summit 
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive in-kind prizes in the form of valuable vouchers,
  • the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will take part in „Wielka Studencka Majówka AGH” which is planned for the second half of May 2022
  • the winners of the first place (or maybe the second and third place) we hope that they will also receive other valuable prizes in kind from the sponsors we are working on
  • we would like the winners of the 1st place to take part in the Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources conference in Saint Petersburg, which will be held in May 2022,

As a rule, we want the conference to be stationary, with the option of using hybrid solutions, which will be implemented depending on the needs within individual thematic sections.  We will carry out the central parts (the opening ceremony, as well as the summary and closing ceremony) in the AGH UST Auditorium, and we will also stream these events.  Let us all keep our fingers crossed for the pandemic not to frustrate our plans.